What’s wrong with WIX? Well, I’m going to do my best to be unbiased here and just share empirical data with you and save my opinion for the end.

How Well Do Websites that are built on WIX Gain Organic Traffic?

wordpress vs wix traffic

Out of 6.4 Million Websites that were scanned  you can see in this graphic provided by ahrefs that 98.6% of websites that are built with WIX get no organic traffic at all compared to WordPress’s 53.9%.

Organic traffic is the best and cheapest traffic you can get, otherwise, you are paying for ad spend in some way such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads to get people to your website.  


  • The average Domain Rating for WordPress sites is nearly 3x higher than for Wix sites.
  • The average number of “dofollow” referring domains is more than 22x higher for WordPress sites.
  • The average monthly organic traffic is around 49x higher for WordPress sites.
domains averages

You may glance over this and think it’s biased data, and I encourage you to do some independent research for yourself.  You will come to the same conclusion I come to every time I decide to give WIX a shot and do some testing.


Don’t waste your time trying to build a WIX site, in nearly every instance it will never rank well on Google, it will never bring you any new business, it is something that you will simply pour time into and be disappointed in.  That may sound harsh but it really is that poorly done. The architecture of the code is absolutely horrid and slow. Google page insights score most Wix sites below 20%.  Here at Z3D Creative we are not satisfied with anything less than 90%.  You can literally do just about anything else and get better results, so save your time and money.


All of our websites score over 90% on Google.  We never settle for less for a client’s website.