Video Transcript


They have to shrink them down and you have to zoom in, and it’s just a plus. What’s going on? This is Trevor with Z 3d creative. We’re talking about small business tips, web design, and digital marketing. I just finished up the Mr. Beast video. Going to roll right into the next thing because I had an idea why I had that video while I was making that video, PDF menus. Oh, my God. It is time for them to go away. Nobody likes them. They hurt your business, and they’re really easy to resolve, and it’s a drastic difference in performance. So having a menu that you can go to on a mobile device and scroll through without having to zoom in, because this is 1080 by 1920 well, actually, it’s bigger than that. It’s more than that, but it’s essential that ratio. And your PDFs are eight and a half by eleven. They’re wider than that format. So they have to shrink them down and you have to zoom in. And it’s just a clusterfuck. If you want a restaurant and you’re still rocking a PDF menu, go into a web-based menu that is responsive to mobile devices. It will absolutely change your to go ordering situation. I got a client that we took on 22 days ago. 23 days ago, and I pulled their metrics up. Granted, we did rebuild their entire website, rebuilt their menu, and we took over their GoogleMy business and got it proper because they were ranking like 9th or 10th on GMB. And we put them in like the number two spot, I think, within a couple of weeks. Now, what that actually looks like is the 30 days prior to us taking over, which was 821 to 921, they had 334 clicks from their GMB into their website. They had 135 people request directions from their GMB and 430 inbound phone calls from their GMB the 30 days prior to us. And I’ll put these numbers right here so you guys can kind of follow along a little bit. In the first 21 days that we took over and fix their menu, fixing all the wrong things, they jumped from 334 to 641. And that wasn’t even a full month. That was 21 days. So almost doubled their website visits in the first 20 days that we were involved. Their number of direction requests didn’t increase by too much. 209 from 135. But their inbound phone calls, that where it was really huge. It’s 1061 from 430. So they went from 430 phone calls inbound for, like, to over 1061 in the 21 or 22 days after taking over, that is yours to go side of the equation. And that’s menu oriented. Having a menu where people can easily see it on a phone is massively important. I mean, a lot of you guys own restaurants. You have the regulars that get lunch from you every day, and they call and order the same thing every day, so it doesn’t really matter. But as communities grow and so forth, you got new blood coming in, and you’re not tapping into that new demographic that’s moving into your area. Get rid of the PDF menu, give me a call or shoot me a text or whatever. There are 4200 ways to get a hold of me. We do websites like no shit, in like, four days. I mean, from the time that you say, hey, I want a website, I go, okay. And we don’t charge upfront. As I was saying, I had to cut the video off, but we don’t charge upfront. So basically, what we do is we take all your information, we build your website for you, and put it into development on a development server. Once it’s complete, you go look at it, make all the changes you want to make, and so forth. Once you approve those changes, the site is final it’s as it is. Then we send you an invoice. And once you pay that invoice, we then transfer the entire site to a live server with your URL, so it’s public for everybody to see. So it’s a really good system. We used to do half down and full payments went down, but this works out really well. It allows us to engage with clients who don’t know us with no risk. So we don’t take any money until we’re done. So that just keeps everything really easy. That’s it for this one. I hope this helps you guys.