Mobile Detailing Web Design

A Visitor To Your Site Either Leaves Or Calls You in 52 Seconds…

As with most businesses getting new customers is usually challenging, and expensive. Pay Per Click advertising is a great solution but depending on how well your website converts visitors it can be quite costly, even though the Cost Per Click might only cost a dollar or two if it takes 20 clicks to get 1 customer then that is much more. This is why we take the approach that we do, we focus on building a website that is as user-friendly as possible, and gives your customer all the info they need but in an easy-to-consume manner. The average time on site before a customer leaves or calls is 52 seconds. So we have to answer all their questions about you in 52 seconds.

While I have done millions of dollars of PPC advertising I like to focus on FREE Advertising, and that is organic search traffic.  Your website ranking #1 on Google costs you a bit upfront to develop but once it’s there, the work is essentially done and that site works for you for years and it does not charge you a buck or two per visitor.

Website Functionality and Ease of Use are also important, remember you only have 52 seconds to impress and answer a customer’s questions. The websites we build are all responsive, so they work well on any device, phone, tablet, or computer, they are hosted on the fastest servers money can buy, and they are coded very well so they run super fast ensuring ultra fast load times.

If you have a mobile detailing business and would like to start booking customers today through your website, give us a shout!