The best part of having a nicely built website is that it’s like a sales person that works 24/7 and represents your company exactly as you want. It doesn’t have sick days, family emergencies, or bad days where it’s grumpy and rude to your customers. Well, that is the idea anyway, but if your website is unreliable, on an overshared hosting plan with frequent outages it becomes more like its human counterpart and will lose leads. 

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the demand for faster and faster internet and websites, and when the majority of websites function at a fairly high level if your site doesn’t then your customer will find one that does so ensuring your site’s dependability is now more important than ever. 

One of the ways to do this is to utilize uptime/downtime monitoring tools. 

How Do Uptime Monitoring Tools Work?

Uptime monitoring tools detect interruptions by running an array of network tests. An uptime monitoring tool automatically monitors your website’s uptime in the background. If it detects an outage then it will then alert you. 

Additionally, quality uptime monitoring solutions tend to offer additional information about your website’s uptime/downtime and its performance. These tools allow you to help you keep track of your site’s overall health.

What Features Should You Expect From Uptime Monitoring Tools

    • Security features that repel and notify you of potential cyber-attacks
    • 24/7 uninterrupted background website monitoring
    • Multiple alert options that fit your life such as(email, SMS, push notifications, instant messages, etc.)
    • Report generation
    • 24/7 customer support is available
    • Capable of monitoring multiple websites at the same time
    • Customizability allows you the choice of which features to enable and disable.

3 Best Website Uptime Monitoring Tools 

Some of the best uptime/downtime monitoring tools are:

 These are only 3 options but there are many other options coming to market all the time.  

Great monitoring is important but also having a responsive team on hand that can address issues as they arise also is important. If you can’t fix an issue in a timely manner you may find that even monitoring your website is at the mercy of you trying to figure out what the issue is or find someone who is willing to help. That is where we come in, Z3D Creative monitors its client’s websites 24/7 and also reacts to any issues immediately. This is of course a very easy task for us as our servers utilize the fastest processors available and have redundancies so that if one does go down then a backup one immediately comes on to reduce downtime. With this process, my average uptime over the last 16 years is 99.985% uptime