Video Transcript


What’s up? This is Trevor with Z3D trying the selfie stick and the GoPro to see how it does on this quick video. I’m actually making this because quite often we’ll get we’ll talk to them and then they’ll talk to some other people because, you know, they’re doing their due diligence, which is a very smart thing to do, but they essentially are not sold on what we do. And that’s fine. By all means, people should do their due diligence and so forth, but what they end up with is they’ll go down the rabbit hole and they will create a Wix site or Squarespace site and they may do a really awesome job. Like on the visual side of it, it may be a beautiful front end, but it’s not going to rank well. Never does. Never. So what they end up with is they’ve got a shit ton of time invested into a website that’s never going to earn a dollar. It’s never going to make them anything. All it’s going to do is make them feel like they’ve done something. And then when they walk away from it a month later, they’re like, website, don’t do any good and don’t have my business grow. You’re correct. The website that is number 23 on Google will absolutely not do you any good whatsoever. Nobody ever gets that far. When you Google heating and air guys, or plumber or mobile detailer, or whatever, the service that you’re looking for, you call the number one guy. If the number one guy answers his phone, the price is reasonable, and doesn’t do anything stupid. That’s who you go with. If the number one guy doesn’t answer the phone, you call the number two guy. The same set of criteria doesn’t say anything stupid, the price is right can do it in a timely manner. That’s who you go with. You never make it to 23. Nobody has ever seen the 23rd website. That brings you to the point where the only option, if you’re number 23, is pay-per-click marketing, which is expensive as hell, or you’re going to Facebook and doing groups and so forth and sharing your link and so forth. And then that also is not a bad way of going about doing things because that will generate leads as well. But if you want a website to work, it has to be in the top five, top three of Google. Otherwise, it’s not really worth having. And that’s where we shine at. We are very good at getting a website and your GMB to the top exceptionally fast. You look at Leads mobile detailing in Raleigh. We had him from 8th to number two on Google in, what was it, 36 hours? We launched his website, like on day three of us working on his project, and on day five he’s chilling with like over two grand worth of appointments booked on his website. So you got King City Raps down in Augusta. The same type of deal. He went from 75th to I think 7th in about 96 hours. He gained 68 positions in three days. So these guys are not outliers. These guys are the norm. That’s the way it goes. We take a website, we take a GMB, we do our thing to it, our magic, whatever you want to call it. The thing that I’ve spent 20 years learning, is what to do, what not to do, and how to not break it. Because that’s another thing. I had a story for another time. I made a video on that. But you can break Google, and when you do, the penalty is hail. So, anyways, I hope this helps not to offend anybody, but if you are a ponder, if you’re that person and this just happened a minute ago, that’s what prompted this, and it’s not covered in your per se. I get this a few times a week, and it’s just somebody like, hey, I’m going to go out and do it on my own, and more power to you. But you’re essentially delaying profit at that point. We don’t charge money upfront. We charge money when the product is delivered. We have payment plans and so forth. You look at Devante, he took $2,000 with appointments today. His first payment is not due for 15 days. He’s going to make 20 grand between now and then for someone who is going to sit back, build their website for two weeks, spend a month and a half, two months, whatever, realizing that it didn’t fucking work. And then they called us back and go, hey, I like to have a website. All they did was spend 90 days not making the amount of money that they could have made. That’s it. They’re just leaving money on the table. So and there again, the way we do it, it’s risk-free. I mean, if you don’t like what we produce for you, you don’t pay. It simple as that. I hope this helps you guys. Till next time. See you later. Oh.