Video Transcript

What’s going on? This is Trevor with Z 3D Creative, and I’m in the channel where we talk about web design, digital marketing, and small business tips. You would just finish up the intro video. I’m going to go over a couple of things in this video. I’m going to try to keep the video short and so big long. Like if you remember my other channel, I would do like 30 or 45 minutes training videos type deal. I’m trying to keep these short tips. Anyways, so Google released a favicon or Google update that allows favicons to show up in search results. Let’s dive in here and I’ll show you what I’m talking about. Well, unfortunately, it’s not actually on the desktop yet. I knew it was on mobile this morning. Everybody doesn’t have it yet. It’s a tiered rollout or something. So as everybody gets it, you guys can see it. But I’ll put a little thing right here. Anyways, so what that means is favorite cards have always been important because it gives your brand some identity, like in tab form. But now it’s even more important because it’s going to show up in Google search results. So your logo appears as people are scrolling down. So it’s really important to me. I’m your favorite con is all. Point. Anyway, that’s it for that you.