In many types of businesses, a website that allows the user to book an appointment makes life a lot easier for the business owner and the customer. There are countless ways to make this happen but there are a lot of hurdles, and many methods have some barriers.

A few years ago a large paint booth rental company asked us to rebuild their website and they wanted a super sleek booking process so I went through just about every option that existed and tested them. This took months to implement all the options and run them through testing protocols but now I have the perfect process to allow a website to take bookings and accept payments. The process allows the user to make appointments from a desktop computer, tablet, or phone easily as it is fully responsive and it also allows the business owner multiple payment processor options. Since not all payment processors work for all businesses, some have lower fees, some have longer payment hold times, and some are harder to get approved so a system that offers multiple options is ideal. If you are interested in getting an amazing new website with booking give us a shout!

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