Before you fire up any campaign, make sure your landing page fully works. What’s going on? This is Trevor with Z 3D Crew, where we talk about digital marketing, small business tips, and web design. So just I’m going to cross it. I wouldn’t plan on making this video, but I still want to cross something I just had to share with you guys. Currently, I’m helping a client do some digging and research into dealer management solutions. So not my forte, obviously, but I do have a lot of clients that are car dealers. So, again, it’s one of those things where that continues. What I like to provide to my clients as an ongoing relationship thing is the more knowledge I have about their industry and the things that make their life easier, the more I can help them. So I don’t make any money off DMs, but I was doing the digging on it and I came across this one and I put all my information in. I actually clicked an ad. So this was a Google Ad, first off, and I put information in and it’s aired in some way, and I’ve changed all of the content there, trying to figure out why. What it boils down to is this company is spending google Ad dollars to drive users to this site. And I’m going to blurt out, I don’t want to put them on blast. I’m just using them as an example because they’re doing, in my opinion, everything wrong. Their call to action on their landing page that they paid to bring me to doesn’t work. So I can’t do that. I was just going to be nice and call in and go, hey, look, you guys, and let them know, let them know that their chest is not working. So I called and I clicked the live chat. At the same time, I clicked sales. Now, we all know that your service time, if you’re asking for tech support, is probably going to be a little bit longer than Sales. But when your company sets up its calling queue, your sales side should be like that, like tech support. Again, I’m not saying this is the way it should be done, but when you’re on the tech support side of it, you’ve already got that customer. They’re yours. You’ve just got to continue to make them happy to continue the service. So you’re just going to resolve the problem. But sales, who knows how many different solutions, so you need to get that person quickly. I was in live chat and on sales hold for over 20 minutes. Never got to anybody. So I hung up. Honestly. One, they’re spending Google Ad dollars to drive users to a landing page that doesn’t function. Then their sales side of the equation doesn’t answer the damn phone. And I understand that they are busy. And if you’re that busy, then you really should paperback your Ad dollar. Google ad spend or something. Because they’re just pissing it away. A couple of takeaways from this one before you fire up any campaign share, any link, whatever on social media, pay per click, whatever it may be. Make sure your landing page fully works. Make sure all the submitted forms, all the call you know, and the direct call links, make sure all that works properly. And then if your call to action is to call us, at least make sure that you have, like, a backup call center responder or something that puts a person on the phone as quickly as possible to begin that sales process. Because putting somebody on hold on a sales call for 20 minutes, I mean, that is absolutely stupid. So, anyways, I hope this helps. You guys have a good one.