Video Transcript


I like it, and I like it for mobile detailers. I think you guys leave a lot of money on the table. What’s going on? This is Trevor with Z3D Creative. This is a must-watch for mobile detailing guys and anybody else who has a service business. You spend a lot of time getting your business to rank high on Google. I talk about it all the time. We work with our clients to get a number one. Number two on Google. Whether you’re my client or not, this pertains to you. You have a couple of ways of receiving the people who find you. They click your website, they hit a contact form, they email you, and they call you from the website. They click your call button on your GMB, or they message you through GMB. Being available is very, very hard for a one-man show, which is what a lot of you guys are. So when you’re working on a car or you’re dealing with a customer that’s in front of your face and your phone rings, you can’t do much about that. You have to try to call that person back. If it’s somebody like a normal person like me, Google mobile detailing or plumber or whatever the service is, and I’ve said it a thousand times, you call number-one if no one answers the phone and gives you a good price, and that’s who you’re doing business with. If you’re number two and you get the phone call, you’re sitting there talking to a customer and you’ve missed a call, they’re calling number three. You’re done. You’re probably out of the equation unless you call back before they get an acceptable answer from someone else. This morning, before I got out of bed, I was scrolling social media and I ran across an ad. Sometimes ads piqued my interest. And this was for a service called Good Call. And I’ll show you what I’m talking about. Here it is. Very, very interesting. So with good call. It’s GoodCall.com.  And I’m not sponsored by them. This is no affiliate link they have. I make absolutely no money whatsoever by endorsing them, suggesting you guys use them, or whatever. All right, so let’s dive in here. Now, when you get in here, you’re going to plug in your phone number and they go through a couple of steps, and that’s kind of cool. It’s really easy. Like, it’s super, super easy. But then you build this knowledge base. Basically, you can build an answer to everything the customer says. The customer asks, what are your operational hours? It tells you what they are. Basically, any question that you can think of a person asking, you can program in here and have a default answer. You can also send a text message from this to your customer with your booking link to your website. So they call in, hey, this is so and so I’ve got, or whatever, and this automated system. Ask them if they like to make an appointment, and they say yes. The automated system sends them a text message with a link to your booking site and they booked the appointment for you.  You never have to worry about missing the call.   Now say you can answer the call half the time, which is like the way I have mine set up.   I’ve just set this up.  This doesn’t apply to me too much.  I did it mainly to test it out, but I’ve got it set up so if I don’t answer the primary line, it goes to this right now.  So really cool.  Oh, and then the damn cost.  That was a really interesting thing.  The free plan, which is what I have set up right now, is one location, eight of the skills, which is like the pre-recorded messages, and then 60 calls per month.  That’s free.  And by everything I can see, there’s no watermark.  They don’t say, hey, this is GoodCall or anything like that to your customers.  It is completely free.  For most of you guys, 60 calls a month is not going to be enough, but it is enough to test it out and see how you like it.  Because for $50 a month, it’s unlimited.  And if you’re a Detailer, you do one detail and you can pay for three months of the service.  So if this service answers one call and gets you one job that you would have missed, normally you just pay for three months.  So I think it’s an interesting thing and the reason I’m suggesting there’s a ton of this kind of thing out there is but this one was really easy.  You don’t really need somebody like me to help you set this up.  Just about anybody to get in there and set this up.  Pretty easy.  I like it and I like it for mobile details.  I think you guys leave a lot of money on the table because you can’t answer your phone all the time and I think it’s a good idea.   See you guys.  I hope this helps.