Video Transcript


What’s going on? This is Trevor with Z3D Creative, where we talk about small business tips, web design, and digital marketing. Today is for the mobile dealers out there. I finally have data from a project that we started 15 well, which we launched 15 days ago. It’s for our mobile detailer was a perfect case study. Because he’s from a small town, he was a fairly small-budget, one-man operation, answering the phone when he could. He was just the perfect example of what we deal with most of the time when we work with mobile dealers. I called him, I guess, two and a half weeks ago, and when I told him we build websites, we help mobile dealers grow their business, and so forth, he said, Man, I really could use the help growing. But he said, I just don’t have the money because our websites are $2,500. And I said, Well, I mean, we have payment plans. And that really piqued his interest. He was like, oh really?I said, yeah, ran down and break it up over the next six, or eight months for the balance, and he was ready to go. The way we build websites is we don’t charge upfront. We built his entire website out and put it on the development server. He went and looked at it, and had a couple of changes. I went a little tad exotic on the cars, and he works with more normal cars. I think I put a Lamborghini up there, and he said, I’ve never even touched one. So we swapped the Lamborghini out for a Tesla. That was pretty much the only change that he wanted. Me. I did all the SEO work and checked all the keywords for his area. I did all the keyword optimization in the copy. We put it off. We also fixed his Google My Business listing with that. There were a couple of suburbs that he wanted to be in that he wasn’t in. The first 15 days were pretty revealing. Now, you remember, he didn’t have a website at all. That’s when I really give everything a boost. His GMB was quite poorly done. They didn’t have a description. He had like two images. But he did have some Instagram stuff on Instagram. He had taken some fairly nice photos. So I took a bunch of his Instagram photos, Geotargeted, all those, and put them on his GMB. So he rocketed in three or four days to the top five on Google My Business. So that was a big help. The website helps. Again, like I tell everybody, there is not one single thing that you do to grow your business. It’s everything. It’s your presentation, it’s your website, it’s your answering the damn phone when it rings or having something in place that takes care of that call for you. Whether it’s a call center, whatever. It’s the infrastructure of the business. It’s not like, hey, I’ll throw $5,000 in Facebook ads and turn my business around. That’s not the way it works. He had a nice truck, he had vinyl on the truck, so he had a decent presentation, he just didn’t have an internet presence. Here are his results. All right, so I’m going to show you before and then I’ll pop the after. Probably over here somewhere. I think from September 12 to October 12, he had 254 calls come in. And I can see all this through his Google, my business. He had booked 27 appointments, booked 27appointments over the phone because he didn’t have a website at the time. Two appointments were canceled, and one appointment was a no-show. He completed 24 appointments, 14 cars and ten trucks, SUVs, and his price point is 250 and 325. He doesn’t really do washes, he does major details. He got 14 cars, ten trucks, and SUVs, for a total of $6,700. That’s his 30 days prior to us taking care of him. Now, from October 12 to October 27, which is a 15-day window, the first 15 days, he went from 254 calls to 367. Big jump there. Obviously. Booked appointments went from 27 to 44. 31 were booked over the phone. He had 13 booked on the website. He had one cancelation and two no-shows. And I actually did ask him where the shows were from the phone bookings on the website bookings, and he didn’t know. I was kind of curious about that metric as well. And he said he would love it next time that happens. So he had 41 complete appointments in the first15 days after 26 cars, and 18 SUVs for a profit or for total revenue of $12,350. So he went from 6$,750 to $12,350 in the first 15 days. So he put $1,000 down, and he’s got a $200 a month payment for the next six months. And his 1st 15 days, he did 12K. Not a bad lick. So here’s the caveat to this. Because he’s in a small town, these effects, and all of these changes were huge for him. If he had been in, like Dallas, Atlanta, or a very large city, it would have been actually a little bit less extreme because there’s so much more competition. He was in an area that didn’t have a ton of competition. There were like 16 mobile dealers in the area and they all had shit. They didn’t have websites, they didn’t have GMB’s that were done properly. So as soon as we got him really sorted, he shot to the top. So, depending on where you are, obviously, results will vary. If you’re in a bigger city, the results are similar, they’re just slower because it takes longer to get to the top. So, again, that’s mobile details. First 15 days after doing business with us. See you guys next time.