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So while scrolling your Google News feed you find yourself thinking, “I wish my blog was on here” well It’s not as hard as you might think and the payoff is well worth it. I have submitted many client’s content to Google News over the years but never my own, about a week ago I submitted mine and in just the first week I have had 1,900 clicks to my website, of those clicks I have a 42% bounce rate so 68% are clicking further into the site which enhances domain authority with Google…So you get some targeted traffic as well as some SEO benefits.

So enough rambling,
1. Find your RSS Feed for your blog
2. Visit the homepage of your blog, right-click, and view the page source
3. Once the Page source is open hit ctrl+F and type in RSS, this will find the RSS feed link within your blog source code, copy that link.

rss feed

4. Visit https://publishercenter.google.com/ Click add Publication and enter your information
5. Click publication settings and enter more of your information
6. Click the review and publish and enter your RSS feed URL and publish
7. It will take a while to get your blog/articles through the review process and as far as I can tell they DO NOT let you know that you were approved, your content just appears, and voila you’re on Google News.

How To Get Approved by Google


Now just to clarify according to Google you do not have to submit your content to Google, you can sit back and wait for that to happen by itself.  But I’d rather take the bull by the horns and make sure Google adds my content.

So here are a few things you need to consider during the approval process.

  • You have to create good quality content on a regular basis and it needs to be content that’s relevant to your audience.
  • You have to abide by Google News content policies, which covers standards for writing, accountability, authority, readability, technical guidelines.
  • Also you want to make sure your site is technically correct and fast.  Google cares a lot about user experience and a slow loading site will get you the wrong kind of attention from Google
  • Once you have met these guidelines and submitted your content to Publisher Center you just sit back and wait and wait.

Good Luck!

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