• 86% of People Look at The Location of a Business Through Google Maps

  • “Where To Buy” and “Near Me” Searches Have Increased by Over 200% in The Last Year.

  • 78% of Mobile Users Visit a Business Within One Day After Discovering it Through Local Search 


These statistics illustrate how critical your Google My Business listing has become. In our experience improving your Google My Business listing rank is by far the most effective and lowest-cost way to grow your business.

I have been doing local SEO since the days of MapQuest, long before Google My Business even existed so over the past 20 years I have learned all the tricks to get a business to the top and keep it there.

The images attached to this post shows 3 clients that I have worked with and their immediate and rapid growth once I had completed their GMB Optimization, you can see exactly how drastic the change is from a proper optimization.

Google My  Business Results
Google My Business Results 2
Google My Business Results 3

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